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Upgrade to Horde 3.2

  • Switch PHP-CLI from PHP 4 to PHP 5:
    root@server.example.net:/usr/local/bin# rm php 
    root@server.example.net:/usr/local/bin# ln -s /usr/bin/php5 php
  • Give access to initial configuraton page:
    //echo "Horde3 configuration disabled by default because the administration/install wizard gives the whole world too much access to the system."; 
    if ($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] != 'your.ip.address.here') 
    exit (0);
  • Install database upgrades:
    mysql -u{user} -p{pass} horde3 < examples/scripts/upgrades/3.0_to_3.1.mysql.sql 
    mysql -u{user} -p{pass} horde3 < examples/scripts/upgrades/3.1_to_3.2.mysql.sql
  • Run database upgrade script:
    root@server.example.net:/usr/share/doc/horde3# php examples/scripts/upgrades/move_history_out_of_datatree.php
  • Protect test scripts - see also /usr/share/doc/horde3/README.Debian
    <Files test.php> 
        deny from all 
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