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Office 2007 won't start on terminalserver 2008

Here you can find an MS howto on deploying Office 2007 in a terminalserver, sadly based on Server 2003: http://technet.microsoft.com/de-de/library/cc179055.aspx?ppud=4

After adding the terminal server role on a MS Server 2008 there's a control panel entry called “Anwendungen auf dem Terminalserver installieren” (don't have the exact english label but it means something like “Installing an application on a terminalserver”) which has to be used for installing all shared applications. Once Office has been installed it needs to be activated. This has to be done by starting one of the Offce applikations as administrator. Non admin user may not activate the software and will get an “Dieses Feature steht im Moment nicht zur Verfügung…” Error (again don't have an english version at hand but it means “This feature is not available at the moment”. if the activated Version of Office 2007 still refuses to run and instead gives you an error “Diese Version von Office kann nicht auf Terminal Servern verwendet werden” (“This Version of Office can not be used on a terminal server”) it means you won't be able to get it running at all.


You most likely can't install any other Office 2007 Edition but the activation free Enterprise one or and this is what I decided to do you simply go for Office 2003 which doesn't have this kind of silly limitation. We'll see how 2010 behave on this matter but I'm not to optimistic.

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